SASET annually, in November, has a call for proposals for the following categories to support communities and businesses in employment, and training opportunities that result in the labour market connections for individuals to obtain full-time employment outcomes. Proposals deadline is at the beginning of February when reviews and commitments for the next fiscal year commencing April 1st funding allotments are being put in place for programming. SASET also welcomes proposals year  around and will be taken into consideration based on meeting funding criteria and availability of funding.

1. Labour Market Initiative

Funding for employers and communities for needs assessments to improve their capacity for dealing with local human resource requirements and implementing labour force adjustments for the unemployed or those facing a loss of employment. For more information please click on Labour Market Initiative.

2. Targeted Wage Subsidy

Employer wage subsidy program to hire a full time position, leading to permanent employment. To provide an employment opportunity for an unemployed participant who requires assistance to overcome existing or anticipated labour market barriers. This opportunity may lead to continued employment with the sponsor. For more information please click on Targeted Wage Subsidy.

3. Workplace Based Training

To encourage employers to train employees who are at risk of layoff, or to improve employability by enabling them to access a broader range of occupations OR employees who require language, literacy or numeric training through contributions for training costs. For more information please click on Workplace Based Training.

Skill Development & Training Programs

4. Direct Course Purchase

Funding for participants (tuition, materials, living allowance and other costs) to attend institutional training for various vocational training programs. For more information please click on Direct Course Purchase.


Targeted Programs

5. Student Employment Placement

Employer wage subsidy program to hire secondary and post-secondary students for temporary employment. Program focuses on providing work experience and developmental learning for in-school youth. For more information please click on Student Employment Placement.

6. Youth Initiative

SASET provides programs to assist unemployed youth (15 – 30) by providing training/work experience opportunities that lead to continued or future employment.

Goals of Youth Projects:

  • Participants will develop knowledge, skills and attitudes when combined with training and work experience that will assist them in career development
  • To assist students to prepare for future entry into the labour market
  • Participants will gain confidence and tools to assist them in their job search

For more information please click on Youth Initiative.