Workplace Based Training

Assessment Time Frame: Minimum four (4) weeks.


  • To encourage employers to train un or under employed individuals and/or employees who are at risk of layoff, or to improve employability by enabling them to access a broader range of occupations OR employees who require Essential Workplace Skills Development Training Through contributions for training costs
  • The type of training requested must meet current or future skill needs
  • To retrain employees who skills are redundant due to technological, market or regulatory change

Eligible Employers:

  • Aboriginal Bands/Tribal Councils;
  • Not-for-profit employers; (less than 100 employees)
  • For-profit employers; (less than 100 employees)

Eligible Participants:

  • Must be Aboriginal status/non status, on/off reserve or Inuit who reside in the SASET catchment area
  • For one (1) or more participants, If SASET receives numerous requests for the same training programs from multiple employers, SASET may arrange for group rationalized training to accommodate the training needs so as to not provide duplication of services in the area and have a savings in resource expenditures
  • Must be 18 years of age and older
  • No longer required by law to attend school
  • Current employees either newly hired or employed with Employer for a longer period at risk to lose employment
  • Priority to those at risk of lay off due to technological changes in worksite, or training which will allow them to access broader range of occupation
  • Training is intended to meet current or future skill requirements

Activities, Duration, & Cost

Activities: Off-the job or on-the-job training in occupational skills as well as language, literacy or Essential Skills for the workplace

Duration: Negotiable. May be part time or full time depending on workplace needs

Eligible Costs: the following are eligible costs, subject to negotiations.

  • Training costs only
  • Trainers must have recognized credentials and provide accredited training programs
  • Training may occur on or off site, depending on cost efficiency, Sponsor needs and other factors

Approval and Application Process:

Approval Process:

  • SASET Program Officer reviews proposal content and poses assessment questions to sponsor
  • Projects under $40,000 are reviewed and approved internally at SASET
  • Projects $40,000 and over are reviewed internally and then approved SASET Advisory Committee at their next convened meeting

Application Process:

* It takes a minimum of four (4) weeks to assess a proposal
* The following documents are required:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Completed and signed original WBT application
  3. Band Council Resolution (BCR) or board motion decision sheet
  4. Detailed training plan  of accredited training (include dates, time frames, number of hours, activities, and objectives)
  5. Course outlines and locations for any off-site training

Sponsor/Partner Contribution:

  1. Specify or outline Sponsor/Partner contributions