Workplace Based Training

Assessment Time Frame: Minimum four (4) weeks.


  • To encourage employers to train un or under employed individuals and/or employees who are at risk of layoff, or to improve employability by enabling them to access a broader range of occupations OR employees who require language, literacy or numeric training through contributions for training costs.
  • The type of training requested must meet current or future skill needs.
  • To retrain employees who skills are redundant due to technological, market or regulatory change.

Eligible Employers:

Aboriginal Bands/Tribal Councils;

Not-for-profit employers; (less than 100 employees)

  • Aboriginal & non-aboriginal companies (sole proprietors, partnerships)
  • Aboriginal & non-aboriginal corporations without share capital;
  • Churches and religious organizations;
  • Community groups, charitable and voluntary organizations;
  • Associations of workers and employers, professional and industrial organizations;
  • Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce;
  • Ad hoc groups;
  • Public health and public educational institutions;
  • Municipal governments;

For-profit employers; (less than 100 employees)


  • Aboriginal and non-aboriginal companies (sole proprietors, partnerships);
  • Aboriginal & non-aboriginal corporations with share capital;
  • Self-employed aboriginal persons;
  • Federal corporations;
  • Provincial corporations;
  • Cooperatives;
  • Private health and private education institutions.

Eligible Participants:

  • Must be First Nation/Inuit;
  • For one (1) or more participants;
  • Must be working age;
  • No longer required by law to attend school;
  • Current employees either newly hired or employed with Employer for a longer period at risk to lose employment;
  • Priority to those at risk of lay off due to technological changes in worksite, or training which will allow them to access broader range of occupation;
  • Training is intended to meet current of future skill requirements.

Activities, Duration, & Cost

Activities: Off-the job or on-the-job training in occupational skills as well as language, literacy or numeracy.

Duration: Negotiable. May be part time or full time.

Eligible Costs: the following are eligible costs, subject to negotiations.

  • Training costs only;
  • Trainers must have recognized credentials;Training may occur on or off site, depending on cost efficiency, Sponsor needs and other factors.


Approval and Application Process:

Approval Process:

  • Program Officer reviews proposal content and poses assessment questions to sponsor.
  • Projects under $50,000 are reviewed and approved internally at SASET.
  • Projects $50,000 and over are reviewed internally and then approved SASET Advisory Committee at their next convened meeting.

Application Process:

* It takes a minimum of four (4) weeks to assess a proposal.
* The following documents are required:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Completed and signed original WBT application
  3. Band Council Resolution (BCR) or board motion decision sheet
  4. Copy of instructors/trainers resumes
  5. Detailed training plan (include dates, time frames, number of hours, activities, and objectives)
  6. Course outlines and locations for any off-site training

Sponsor/Partner Contribution:

  1. Specify or outline Sonsor/Partner contributions
  2. ASARET or WOP can be included in this partnering of funds