Student Employment Placement

Assessment Time Frame: Maximum four (4) weeks.


  • To assist eligible students to prepare for future entry into labour market.
  • Program focuses on providing work experience and developmental learning for in-school youth through the provision of a wage subsidy to employers.


Eligible Employers:

Aboriginal Bands/Tribal Councils;

Not-for-profit employers; (less than 100 employees)

  • Aboriginal & non-aboriginal companies (sole proprietors, partnerships)
  • Aboriginal & non-aboriginal corporations without share capital;
  • Churches and religious organizations;
  • Community groups, charitable and voluntary organizations;
  • Associations of workers and employers, professional and industrial organizations;
  • Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce;
  • Ad hoc groups;
  • Public health and public educational institutions;
  • Municipal governments;

For-profit employers; (less than 100 employees)


  • Aboriginal and non-aboriginal companies (sole proprietors, partnerships);
  • Aboriginal & non-aboriginal corporations with share capital;
  • Self-employed aboriginal persons;
  • Federal corporations;
  • Provincial corporations;
  • Cooperatives;
  • Private health and private education institutions.


Eligible Participants:

  • Must be First Nations/Inuit;
  • Should be minimal 15 years of age and returning to school
  • Must have a valid Social Insurance Number at the start of the program
  • Secondary and post-secondary students;Must be registered full-time students during previous academic year and intend to return to full-time studies in the following academic year;
  • Must not have another full time summer job.


Activities, Duration, & Cost

Activities: Work experience and developmental learning activities.


  • Negotiable;
  • 8 weeks maximum for secondary students;
  • 13 weeks maximum for post-secondary students.

Eligible Costs: the following are eligible costs, subject to negotiations.

  • Non-profit participant(s) wages (Maximum: Secondary minimum wage, Post Secondary $12.25 per hour;
  • Profit participant(s) wages (Maximum: Secondary $5.00 per hour, Post Secondary $6 per hour;
  • Mandatory employment related costs (MERCs): Canada Pension (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI), Workman’s Compensation Board Rate (WCB), and holiday pay.


Approval and Application Process:

Approval Process:

  • Program Officer reviews proposal content and poses assessment questions to sponsor.
  • Projects under $50,000 are reviewed and approved internally at SASET.
  • Projects $50,000 and over are reviewed internally and then approved by SASET Advisory Committee at their next convened meeting.

Application Process:

* It takes a minimum of four (4) weeks to assess a proposal.
* The following documents are required:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Completed and signed SCP application
  3. Band Council Resolution (BCR) or board motion decision sheet
  4. Job title(s) and job description(s) for participant(s)
  5. Name of supervisor(s)
  6. Detailed training plan (include dates, time frames, number of hours, activities and objectives)
  7. Specify or outline Sponsor/Partner contributions