Direct Course Purchase

Assessment Time Frame: Minimum six (6) weeks.


To provide funding for eligible participants who may attend institutional training from public or registered private institutions for various accredited vocational training programs that are directly linked to an employment outcome.

Eligible Employers:

Aboriginal Bands/Tribal Councils;

Not-for-profit employers; (less than 100 employees)

For-profit employers; (less than 100 employees)


Eligible Participants:

  • The client must be status/non status/Inuit, living on or off reserve within the SASET catchment area;
  • Have met with a SASET employment counselor, to complete a “long term vocational application package” Which will identify:
  • Is the client un or under employed (working less than 20 hours per week),
  • The client must complete and sign the Personal Information Form (PIF) and Client Consent (CC) form,
  • Proposed Training must show a direct link to employment.
  • Participant Budget Review:
    • Participants collecting Employment Insurance (EI), remain on EI, Participant must consult their case worker,
    • If a Participant is on Income Assistance (IA), they should meet with their IA caseworker prior to training to ensure they remain on IA during the training period.
    • Participant supports are based on individual application/need.

Activities, Duration, & Cost

Activities: Accredited Vocational Training Courses.

Duration: Negotiable. Up to 10 to 12 months.

Eligible Costs: the following are eligible costs, subject to negotiations.

  • Accredited Training Costs (purchase of training course and materials from accredited public or registered private institutions)
  • Participant Allowance:
  1. Participants collecting Employment Insurance (EI), remain on EI, must consult their case worker
  2. Arrangements if client is on Social Assistance, they remain on Social Assistance during the duration of the course
  3. Travel allowances based on individual application
  • Special costs are negotiable for participants with disabilities.

Approval and Application Process

  • Program Officer reviews proposal content and poses assessment questions to sponsor
  • Demonstrated eligible participant listing, all clients must fill out a Personal Information Form (PIF) and Client Consent Form (CC)
  • Projects under $40,000 are reviewed and approved internally at SASET and reviewed by the SASET Advisory Committee
  • Projects over $40,000 are reviewed internally and then approved by SASET Advisory Committee at their next convened meeting.


Application Process:

* It takes a minimum of six (6) weeks to assess a proposal.
* The following documents are required:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Completed and signed original DCP application
  3. Band Council Resolution (BCR) or board motion decision sheet (if applicable)
  4. Copy of instructors/trainers resumes
  5. Detailed training plan (include dates, time frames, number of hours, activities, and objectives)
  6. Course outlines and locations for any off-site training

Sponsor/Partner Contribution

  • Specify or outline Sponsor/Partner Contribution
  • Completion of participant forms required by Service Canada
  • Demonstration of finanacial sustainability during training